Individual Plans

Most people are surprised how affordable it is to have a web site on the Internet. Even those that didn't see much sense to it, understand what a great communication tool it can be. They include pictures of the family, pets, vacation; whatever they choose. Friends and relatives anywhere in the country, (no, make that the world) can 'keep in touch'. Others didn't realize they can have their resume available online where a potential employer can view their resume through a secret link that only that employer will be made aware of; and how effective and impressive that is. Parents can surprise their children with a web site of their own with the design centered around their favorite hobby or interest.
Genesis Web Design offers a web development package for $810. That's it!!! This includes the registration of the domain name, up to 4 pages in your web site with whatever content you choose. Additional costs, only after the first year, are $50 per year to renew the domain name. Again, that's it!! You have the choice to modify the site yourself anytime you want (we'll show you how) or you can leave that with us.
It's affordable, it's impressive, and it's your own, personal web site. Contact us to become a part of the new world; and by the way, be thinking of what name you'll call your web site.
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