Business Plans

There are many reasons why a web site for your business is so beneficial. If you have a business card, advertise, or are in the yellow pages, you've just identified the most important reason. A web site encompasses all of the above in one place. In today's world, a web site is another tool that can be used to maintain and enhance your business presence. More and more, customers expect a company web site. Perhaps even more than that, it is the method people use most to identify businesses to fill their needs.
At Genesis, we will work with you to design, develop, install, and maintain your web site that not only fulfills the customers expectation but also opens the door by which new customers can enter.
Most business packages are priced at $400 for the design and $90 per page (per link). Depending on your site needs, an appealing web site can be complete with as little as 5 pages. E-Commerce, Logo design, and other special needs are additional. Domain name registration is $50 per year. There are NO monthly hosting charges. As you can see, having a presence on the Internet is both affordable and practical. Contact us today and we'll enable your company to enter the new world.
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