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~ Let us tell you about Genesis Web Design ~

We are located in St. Joseph, Michigan. St Joe, as it is usually called, is in Southwestern Michigan along the shores of Lake Michigan. My name is John and I've been a computer programmer for over 29 years. In that time, the only constant I've seen . . . is that nothing stays constant!
The Internet is constantly changing and our goal is to remain on top of the latest techniques and technologies. Our sites are written from scratch (no web creation software packages are used) and are in accordance with the latest XHTML standards. XHTML enables your site to be available in the future on devices other than a computer terminal. Devices such as cell phones, webtv, hand-held devices, etc.
Our responsibility at Genesis is to supply a web site that is appealing, informative, easy to navigate, and up to date with the latest standards, techniques, and technology. See our 'Services Offered' page for several of our other developed sites. Genesis Web Design has design and development packages available for all needs:
Please take a few moments to look around. Feel free to drop us a note; we'd be glad to talk to you in more detail about creating an exciting and beneficial web site just for you. Enter the new world and be a part of the expanding Internet.